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A Weight Watcher’s Story of Commitment and Success

Back in 2008 I was at my all time heaviest of my life (267lbs to be exact) and the person I was with at the time did not seem to care that my weight had slowly climbed to that point over the 4 years we dated.  But at the end of that year he decided he wanted to date other people and broke up with me.  I was heartbroken so my weight didn’t even matter. 

Something inside of me snapped and I think the moment was when I saw a picture from a recent trip to California and did not recognize the person in the photo.  I joined weight watchers immediately.  I also joined the local Planet Fitness because I knew that it wasn’t going to be just about food, but I needed to get my ass off the couch and move more.
It took a little over a year.  I did not miss a single meeting, it became a social event for me each week because the whole group of us had the same goal and really understood the struggle each and every day.  While I have since realized diets (such as WW) are really schemes to make money, while having people lose, regain, lose, regain, all while they pay for a membership, I did learn a lot.

I exercised every day, walked on the treadmill, used the elliptical, and counted my points so that my weekly weight loss was somewhere between 0.2-2lbs a week.  That’s a tough pill to swallow, that weight doesn’t just fall off, it takes time, it’s a labor of love, but it’s 100% worth it if you look at the overall big picture.  After I hit my goal of 155lbs, i continued to lose until I was way below goal and got sick (they can teach you how to lose, but they don’t have a great plan to help maintain).  Eventually I was able to get back to my own comfortable healthy range.

I’m not saying that I have not fluctuated over the last 13 years.  I had my daughter in 2013 and was back up to 210lbs at the highest, but I was able to get back on the cheap elliptical I had bought and really watched my food intake.  I set goals for myself that I worked towards.  I ran 2 half marathons, a few 5K and 10K’s, and if I had ever thought at 267lbs I would be able to do that, even a single mile of running without stopping, I’d think I was crazy.

My overall words of wisdom, set small attainable goals for yourself.  Don’t beat yourself up if it takes you longer to get there than you thought.  You can do a 5lb, 10lb, 15lb etc goal, or personal goals like a running or athletic goal.  By looking towards the future and not dwelling on the past, you are able to see long term goal of what you are doing.

And my final thought, DO NOT weigh yourself every day. 

Hope this story helps…A


  • coach says:

    A … thank you for sharing that story … inspirational stories like that help others to achieve their goals.

  • Alfie Perez says:

    Congrats on you health journey and accomplishments ! Thanks for sharing

  • Dawn M Brazeau says:

    It’s always nice to hear a story of hope. Thank you for sharing your story and giving me a little inspiration.