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About RAM

The Coach: I’m not a nutrition expert, I’m not a fitness expert, and I’m not a how-to-lose-weight and keep-it-off expert; but, what I have been known, in my past, is to be a “coach” who enjoys a team atmosphere that gets things done together – Together Everyone Achieves More!

Club Candidates: You want to do something new/different that will challenge every fiber about you but you don’t want to do it alone; rather, you want to join a team, play your role, be supportive of others, and make a positive difference not only for yourself but for others too.

The Results About Me (RAM) Club: All these internet sites setting you up to buy this, do that … they have the perfect cure for all. Let’s face it – once size DOES NOT FIT ALL! I have never been associated with a team where every single player offered the same personal and physical attributes and every player was asked to do the same as others for the overall good of the team – it just doesn’t work. So, the RAM Club utilizes this Blog as a way to connect, support, and create a personal journey along with The Coach … let’s make it happen!

To Register: Email with your name, email address, city, and state (or international equivalent). You need to include your current weight, a picture of your weight on a scale, and what squad you are going to join (The Benjamin, The Quarter Short, Half Benji, The Quarter, or The RAM Fan Base (not joining a squad but want to support others)).

To Email the Coach: Email With your registration, you will receive direct emails in reply and together we can build a championship team!

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Thank you for your interest in a RAM t-shirt. Because this is a new site, we are accumulating t-shirt interest and when we have enough interest, we will reach back to you and see if you still want to purchase a t-shirt. Please email and let us know your name, email address, t-shirt size.