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Bag It

The month (July) of Freshly and zero-point Weight Watcher food-items-consumed resulted in my least weight-loss month; but, it is only going to get tougher each month as my body catches up to what I am trying to do to it. Although the Weight Watchers zero-point food items that I liked were all healthy, I just never felt full … my body was telling me I was missing something.

So, as I enter August, I will certainly keep what I have learned thus far to help me on my ongoing journey, but, what is next? Well, I’ve decided to spend the month bagging my lunch. What do I mean?

I have historically gone out to lunch — one hour to get out, eat, and get back to work. It was a nice break but it was also a costly one. How much? Well, let’s figure it out:

  • On average, I was spending about $11 per lunch
  • So, 5 days a week = $55 per week
  • $55 x 4 weeks = $220 per month
  • Add $5 per week for gas = $240 for the month

Now, obviously, unless I don’t eat, I won’t be saving the $240 for the month; however, I do believe I can make a decent bag lunch for just $3. Using the same process shown above, I am looking to spend $60 for the month … let’s round up to $75.

Sticking to bag lunches will equate to a savings of $165 for the month. I realize that doesn’t sound like a lot but, if you times that by 12, that is a savings of $1,930 per year — got something you would like to buy with that month’s savings? What about the year’s savings?

Quick article stating the nutrition plan for August. Do you have any ideas on how best to … … bag it?


  • Katelyn says:

    Great idea! Russell likes to take left overs that I pack into tupper ware as I’m cleaning up dinner. Maybe you could drive somewhere to eat your lunch or walk outside by the pond to keep the routine of leaving for your break. Wickham park would be a nice place for a lunch break.

  • coach says:

    Thanks for the input Katelyn. I’m leaning towards walking over to the nearby library during my lunch break … so, a nice walk, eat, read a magazine that I otherwise wouldn’t read etc.