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Didn’t get it done …

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Where are you heading?

Well, the first week of my Activity Plan didn’t go as “planned.” I got in 60 minutes of walking early in the week and planned to get the rest of the 150 total minutes over the weekend. And, just like that, the weekend that I thought was in place was “replaced.” I can’t make excuses … I have to get it done.

According to Very Well Fit’s article, “10 Things to Stop Doing if You Want to Exercise,” the one step I have to be very careful about is the one about Making Excuses. First Activity Week and first week not completed — and I have excuses: I had too much work … I was too tired … the farm work got the better of me … unexpected family and visitors showed up.

Some solutions to overcome the excuses: 1) look for opportunities to exercise; 2) change my negative thinking about exercise; 3) be honest with myself and BE COMMITTED.

Looking for opportunities to exercise this month means, for me, to start the day with a walking regime and not let it wait until the end of the day. I will go on that walk and take the opportunity to thank God for all that He has given me and seek His help in the challenges that await for me … and try to surrender the control. I have already proven in my very first activity week that I can find excuses for not getting my walking done — I have to accept and be honest with myself that I can put things on hold when, in reality, I need to force forward with a consistent commitment.


  • Alfie Perez says:

    Keep the faith Kurt , you’ve got this. I find that working out first thing in the morning is best . I get up , hit the gym do a HIIT class or weight training and feel full of energy for the rest of the day and get those endorphins going to help me tackle what ever comes my way for that day .
    If I wait for the end of the day to do my workout , I find I am more sluggish and don’t seem to do my best . The benefits of doing some sort of workout daily, if possible
    , is amazing ! One realizes that it is a privilege to move !!
    Let’s gooooo!!!👍🏻💪🏻

  • coach says:

    Billy Joel’s “Keeping the Faith” came to mind. I want to implement an early morning strategy; but, right now, I am waking up to the horses, ducks, and chickens before heading off to work. I suppose I could wake up even earlier … hmmmm … maybe that is the solution. I will be going on a long walk soon to get to my 155 minutes for the week.

    One comment that you made that I really appreciated — a “privilege to move.” You are so right. If I were King of Education, one of the things I would make every high school kid have to do is visit a VA Hospital and see what many simply ignore in the general public. We don’t see that person with a limb missing or the internal scares. I am indeed blessed to be able to move — I will gooooooo!