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Don’t See SeaWorld of Orlando

How many times have we heard the importance of the first impression? Well, SeaWorld invites you to come in and park for a measly $30 … but they’ll do it with a smile … just don’t ask for a SeaWorld map — they don’t do those any more — you are forced to use your small screen cell phone … what a cheap way of making more money and blaming it on the pandemic.

I have never been more disappointed in a theme park experience than my recent Sea World visit … and I don’t think they even care. I have never walked so much to do so little … one line after another … let me explain …

First line = Security check in.  Well, that is what they want you to believe … that it is about security; but, what it really is, is a way to take any food/drinks being brought in so they can hold you hostage with you having to buy their food and beverages. 

Second line = Purchasing Entrance Tickets; fortunately, I got my tickets online and I would HIGHLY encourage you to do the same as the this line is extremely slow. 

Third line = Animal Encounter.  This is where you can stand in line for 30+ minutes to then purchase a special encounter with a dolphin (for example) for $60 per person for 15 minutes of fun.  In my case, 4 people and boom, I was out $240 plus tax … but, you can get a cool picture … if you pay even more money. Dolphins are cool though …

Fourth line(s) = Ready to take in some rides when we got slammed with 90 minute to 150 minute wait lines … that’s over 2 hours for a ride … are you kidding me?  And there is nothing to do in these lines but sweat and be up close to others in the line – so much for a pandemic worry. 

Fifth line(s) = Forget the rides right now, let’s get something to eat … wait … what?  Lines to try and get something to eat?  How come those lines over 50 yards long aren’t moving? They wouldn’t let me bring in any food/drink to feed the kids … now I am forced to stand in an hour-long line to pay to get something to eat for them? 

Are you seeing a trend here?  Lines, lines, and more lines. 

So, we spent about 6 hours at (Don’t) SeaWorld and got to do one mini-roller coast … a 40-minute wait for a 25 second, one time around, ride.

Okay you say, did I see any animals? Yes … SeaWorld does the animals well but even the shows were filled and closed. Bottomline is DON’T GO TO SEAWORLD DURING THE SUMMER. It is clear they don’t care about the lines, the wait, the cleanliness of their bathrooms/restaurant tables, the smokers smoking wherever they please, and the overall customer experience. Trust me, you are not going to enjoy your experience.

One final thought: have you ever been to a theme park and wondered what people were thinking when they chose what to wear for that day? Obviously, I’m a RAM-man for a reason and got my work to do; but, why do people think the general public wants to see as much of them as possible? I’ve never experienced more people, in one day, that shouldn’t be wearing spandex and half shirts … maybe there was a half-shirt spandex convention or something. Wait, maybe we’re onto the next great expo event!?!


  • Allison says:

    I had a VERY similar experience this weekend in Hershey Park. So much so I was very detailed in a survey they emailed me after my visit. You should write to corporate. I agree and when I spoke about the experience I said “where are the healthy food options?!?” Also, I don’t know if you had this experience but the staff was not really so friendly…maybe smile once in a while!

  • coach says:

    Writing to corporate is on my todo list … it was that bad. I did reply to one of those format post visit surveys but I doubt if I will ever hear anything from it. The main thing is to spread the word that Sea World is not the place to visit — at least not right now in the summer months as they are not caring about their customers post-pandemic.