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My Results About Me nutritional plan-of-attack is to try a new/different weight-loss approach each month. I will take inputs from Club Members and fans and then pick something to do for a month. Throughout, I will add/modify and report what I am experiencing. Try it with me if you’d like … or, come up with your own plan that works best for you.

My first month’s nutritional plan is: To Eat Less.

Eat less. What that means for you versus what it means for me is more than likely vastly different. I am a man that enjoys eating certain things at certain times … and often more than what I should.

Eat this not that

I’m not a calorie counter … never have and never will … it just won’t work for me. So, how do I plan to eat less? Train the brain! According to Women & Home, it can take 90 days to “cement a new habit” and there are a number of ways to eat mindfully.

The first part of my eating-less plan is to revise what I do for lunch. I am guilty … guilty of having a regular lunch date with the fast food drive thru.

I turn on my radio to get my mind off of being frustrated with how long it takes to drive through the ‘fast lane.” Once I get to order, I say something like, “#5, Spicy Chicken Combo … go large with a coke.”

I need to eat less. So, when I go through those fast food drive thru lanes, I will just order the regular combo and not upsize it. How is this eating less? Well, let’s compare a McDonald’s Spicy Crispy Chicken Combo:

Spicy Crispy Chicken530530
Total900 calories1310 calories
Small Versus Large Size Comparison.

Step two is eating a reasonable dinner and NOT keep on eating until I go to bed. When training the brain, it is very common for me to sit, watch television, and eat this or that. The “this or that” has to go … or at least be limited to “less this or that.”

Now, I also like to go to a good buffet … wait, no I don’t … buffets are bad (for me) … train the brain Kurt … train it and don’t look back!

If you want to not-feel-fat, go to a buffet restaurant … it’ll make you feel much better about yourself and your current weight.

As I continue through April, I will modify my “Eat Less” plan and report accordingly.

If you have inputs to this plan, let’s read them … I look forward to your comments.


  • Dawn M Brazeau says:

    Training the brain will be an adjustment. Went to a new hot dog place yesterday and ordered 2 Chicago Dogs. Mindfully, after ordering, I only ate 1. Now I have lunch tomorrow.

  • coach says:

    Way to go Dawn! I have found that I’m full-enough when I order a small or medium versus my usual “go large” mentality. I’m also trying to make sure I don’t snack while watching television.