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Gatorland or Gatorbland?

There is so much competition for the Entertainment Dollar in the greater Orlando area … but, wow, things can get expensive. So, when you see the prices of Gatorland (in comparison), you figure, “why not? let’s check it out again?” It’s been probably 20 years since I have been to Gatorland … it was time to go again and this time bring some special family members with me.

Right from the beginning … right from the entrance … I felt like I was going back in time — did anything change I wondered? The costs did — $30 for an adult $20 for a kid … but, there are always discounts you can find somewhere.

The lines were quick (unlike every other Orlando attraction in Florida) … and all the employees were very friendly (unlike many Orlando attraction encounters) and before I knew it, I entered the land before time … very little had changed to include right when you walk past the gates. .

As I walked around, I saw the same exact things that were there 20 years ago … same exhibits, same shows, and probably some of the same 2 – 3 thousand alligators they have there.

Okay, they did add a train ride (for an additional $2 per person … not worth it), a zip line (not worth it), and an off-road adventure that I didn’t want to pay more for. What I did like to see was the new splash pad for the kids — I just wish I would have known beforehand so I would have brought bathing suits.

It’s not a bad visit; but, I can’t say it is exciting for kids and I was bored as well. You would think that Gatorland would seek out ways to make the visit more fun and exciting. Granted, they have other animals there and you have to give Gatorland props for taking such good care of all the animals they have; but, look around, see what others are doing, and add to the experience. Maybe start off with a cool restaurant that has a glass bottom and overlooks the whole park … something to consider.

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