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Good morning Joe

As I embark on 2022, I will take what I like and keep … and throw away what I don’t like all while adding new things to try to keep this journey moving in the right direction. 

The new thing to do this month, nutrition-wise, is to begin a regiment of drinking coffee.  You might recall that I have worked hard to reduce/eliminate drinking soda.  In some ways, I have accomplished that and reduced my calorie intake; but, I have also had some setbacks and know it won’t take much to get back into the soda habit again.  So, I want to explore coffee consumption and see if that will reduce my desire for sodas. 

One can of coke has 150 calories … one cup of black coffee has 5 calories.  Beyond that, there are all sorts of research out there about the health benefits of coffee – I’ll take those in stride as I might be starting too little too late.  But, according to Everyday Health, as it relates to trying to lose weight, coffee can:

                1) Rev up your metabolism

                2) Suppress your appetite

                3) Be associated with reduced body fat

Of course, I will have to be discipline and not get all of those fancy additives.  In addition, I have to limit things to 4 cups per day and drink my last cup 6 hours before going to bed – not getting a good night sleep is detrimental to anyone’s health. 

I will continue with my intermittent fasting (eating between 1pm and 9pm) but will add a morning cup of coffee each day.  I will be mindful of what I eat, when I eat, and how much I eat … and drink. All those things I have done thus far will be incorporated into this month’s efforts. Is a Cup-of-Joe the way-to-go?


  • Katelyn Bienias says:

    I will say that when the kids were younger I would start the day with a cup of coffee and then forget to eat because I was so busy with them. I think it is an appetite suppressant. Good luck GPA! Maybe try almond milk in it.

  • coach says:

    Thank you for the good wishes. I will keep to my intermittent fasting periods … except I am drinking a cup of coffee in the morning to thwart that desire to eat until 1pm. It was just interesting to learn the health benefits of coffee (as long as you don’t do the Startbuck fancy-fancy methods) whereas I couldn’t find any health benefits in drinking soda (which I enjoy doing).