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Growing for Losing

Simply put, to lose weight, one must expend more calories than he/she consumes. I have chosen to try and do just that via gardening for two reasons: 1) Because my mini-ranch needs my time and attention right before the growing season and 2) I think I need a little mental twist.

According to Psychology Today, getting outside and doing something like gardening really can lift oneself up. Psychology Today states, “Most of our suffering comes from trying to control things we can’t.” Interesting because one of the reasons to start ResultsAboutMe was because I was professionally frustrated and needed something that I was fully in control of — my journey has been under my control. But, gardening is a reminder that many things, especially when working with Mother Nature, is out of our control and sometimes, we just have to learn to work within the framework provided.

So, if it is a choice of a treadmill or gardening, at this time, I choose gardening. According to the American Council of Exercise, one can expect the following hourly caloric burn: Moving Lawn (306), Planting, Trimming, and Weeding (238).

Together, let’s spend some time making our own areas look a little better and/or more productive. I will be planting some trees, flowers, and growing vegetables while also trimming my existing trees and do some weeding here and there. Come and join me!

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