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Hammock Beach Resort Review

One of the most picturesque places that you can drive into, the Hammock Beach Resort (HBR) greets you with a private $2.00 toll bridge that your Sun Pass won’t accept … what a bunch of kaka to set the (wrong) tone.

I then continued to drive into the resort, park, and go into one of the nicest lobby areas in the State. Wow … what an amazing place to check into. I couldn’t wait to get my keys and go to my room only to be told that I was assigned to the “cottage” at the very back of the resort … a designated second-class location. Apparently, the HBR is a “club” resort for their members and they allow others to come to it on a space available basis.

Now, the cottage was an okay place, but not for the price. My room was dirty (especially the bathroom grout), missing a mirror, had damaged furniture pieces, and the tv remote didn’t work well … but, the view was fantastic as the balcony gave me a view of the beach and the driving range at the same time. And call me picky, but I don’t understand why they would allow a guest spending close to $300 a night to walk into a room where the wall fixtures are all crooked.

The resort grounds were so well kept — compliments to the landscapers of the resort. But,, I took my Mom to this place, for Mother’s Day, for two main reasons that she loves: 1) a lazy river and 2) an indoor pool. Now, the private beach was very nice but the wind was too much to really enjoy it … not their fault. Googling for a top lazy river had me go to the HBR only to discover a very small and cold lazy river that didn’t let you go much more than a few minutes before splashing more cold water down upon you — it was constant — not very relaxing to say the least.

The pools were nice … and it had the largest hot tub I’ve ever seen. The slide was fun and the pool water seemed much much much warmer than the lazy river — I was relaxed enjoying it all among uncollected bar litter throughout the pool grounds. With the sun setting, it was time to take my Mom, for Mother’s Day, to the indoor pool that the HBR website bragged about … but wait — it was closed for renovations! Nowhere did it say this on their website and, despite refunding me my resort fee, it still doesn’t show this fact on their website. Cold and small lazy river … no indoor pool available … 0 for 2.

There were a couple highlights of the resort: 1) the staff was professional and polite throughout my quick visit; 2) they had a really nice mini golf course that was free; 3) Loggerheads Sports Lounge served up a great dinner; and 4) did I mention how awesome the grounds were?

For the price I paid, I can’t recommend this place for the reasons mentioned above; but, I was glad I got a taste of the Palm Coast and saw their beautiful HBR grounds. And oh, if you’re looking to play a real round of golf there, you’re talking about $20+ a hole … I’d get my money’s worth if it is gauged per stroke!


  • Dawn M Brazeau says:

    Sounds like you had fun despite the few set backs!

  • coach says:

    I can be good at having fun in a number of different settings … this place wasn’t hard to have fun at. But, for the cost of $300 per night, I just didn’t think I would be put to the back cottage, have to endure a cold lazy river, and then walk to a closed indoor pool. But, it was a place that a fun person can have fun!