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Hike Hike Baby

While looking for the next activity challenge, I thought I would try paddleboarding; however, the water is just too cold and I’m not ready … got to stay on land.  So, what to do on land that is new, different, and interesting?  There is much to see that I haven’t seen – let’s go for a hike and see what can be seen!

The very first month of this journey, my very first activity was simply walking.  One might ask, what is the difference between walking and hiking?  According to Healthline, you can burn more calories with hiking versus walking in a couple of ways:  1) walking on an uneven and unpredictable terrain, 2) adding a backpack and/or hiking sticks.  Much of one’s calorie loss while hiking depends on your weight while hitting the trails and the temperature outside.

The Home of Outdoor Buying Advice, Advnture, mentions the low impact of hiking by writing, “when you go for a hike, your body will use calories that have been stored as carbs and fat for energy and that is what helps you lose weight.” 

In summitation:  Burn more calories that you consume – this month I’m going to try hiking.  Want to join me?  Do you know of a great hike?

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