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In the beginning

I’m fat. For years I convinced myself otherwise before moving on to a stage in life of not really caring too much. So, why care now?

When you’re younger, your family believes in you and your potential. You get a little bit older, more experienced, and your family believes in you more and relishes your successes and accomplishments. Then, without warning, you start to get questioned with every move and decision you make … the “believing” is replaced with indifference and doubt … and you begin to doubt yourself.

Have you experienced this?

So why care now? I need to re-believe in myself. There is so much out of my control – but, this program, the Results About Me (RAM), is completely in my control … it’s truly about me. I care about me and I care about believing in me … and you can too!

So, when I say, Results About Me, it can be Results About You.

Join me as I embark on a journey to “lose” weight but “regain” a belief in myself. Email me … I will reply. Comment when you have something to post about a topic. Be a source and a resource. Together, we can get “results” and have some fun along the way.

In the beginning, I decided to — begin …