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Intermittent Fasting of the RAM

As I continue the Way of the Sub, it’s a new month and that means to try something new/different during my Results About Me journey … and this December I choose Intermittent Fasting. 

What is intermittent fasting?  According to Healthline, this growing popular trend on weight control is “an eating pattern where you cycle between periods of eating and fasting.” 

This trend doesn’t necessarily delineate between what foods you should or shouldn’t eat during your “open season” feast time; however, one would think eating high-calorie items would defeat its overall purpose. 

There are a number of different types of intermittent fasting methods.  The most popular method of intermittent fasting is the 16:8 ratio.  Simply, you dedicate 16 hours of not eating and consuming little-to-no calorie drinks.  The other 8 hours is “consumed” with eating.  This method is what I will add to my reservoir during the month of December … at the hours of 1pm – 9pm.

Now, I have to believe the trick is not to devour anything and every food item you see during that 8 hours of open eating.  I will try to utilize what I have learned from previous nutrition efforts and eat the Freshly meals, fruits/vegetables, all while limiting the crap foods that exist. 

The challenge is, however, that it’s Holiday time and that means goodies will surround me.  Because I don’t want to go backwards with my journey, let this post seek out tips from you on how to enjoy the holidays without destroying my journey gains – thoughts?


  • John Wright says:

    Congrats on losing over 60 pounds! I’m hovering at only 10. I try to not eat after 5 or 6 pm and avoid fried or sugar. Your dedication has paid off.

  • Lydia says:

    I noticed you lost the most weight when you gave up soda. Why not continue that trend? Good job on all the weight loss but I think a visual of who you are would make this site more relatable!

  • coach says:

    Hi John. Hovering over 10 pounds lost is still … 10 pounds lost. Don’t get discouraged, find what works for you, and then go after it! I do appreciate the support regarding my dedication. The final 40 will be tougher for sure — especially with Christmas coming up. I read something just recently that said that we have to accept the fact that we will slip once in a while … but, to do what you have to do to make sure that slip doesn’t become a slide!

  • coach says:

    Thank you for visiting the site Lydia. I’m not sure if giving up soda was the main contributor to losing the most weight; rather, it could have been I had much more to lose at that time than I do now … not sure. I have cut down on my soda intake tremendously but it is an addictive thing with me and something I battle with — but, I can do it. As for a visual of me — Results About Me is about me (or those who are checking things out) … it isn’t about a picture of me and losing weight but rather my journey. With that said, I have taken pictures as time has gone and so when the time is right, I will post them. Keep the inputs coming as I do appreciate feedback.