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Island Time

It’s summertime and that only means one thing — water. Okay, water to drink but also water to play in. And what better way to spend some water time than to find a great water them park. One of the biggest surprises I have come across, water-them-park-wise, is a place called Island H2O in Kissimmee, Florida.

The main reason it ranks so high in my opinion, is the cost comparison versus other water theme parks I’ve been to … especially in the Central Florida area. The cost-value of Island H2O is really a good one.

One of the first things I enjoyed is not having to pay for parking — a luxury in today’s greedy times; but, not something they do all of the time — but, if they do charge, it is only $10.

The second thing I enjoyed was the pleasant worker attitudes I encountered (well, except the one who yelled at me for using two tubes on the lazy river).

The third thing — the food. Believe it or not, this theme park had really good food and the price wasn’t too exuberant.

The rides were fun although a few of them were out of service. If you want to test yourself, try the Drop-Down Free-Fall ride … that will provide you a weird sensation as the flooring that you’re standing on simply disappears and you drop down fast and furious screaming along the way.

One of the funnier rides is one where you end up like a turd swirling around in a toilet bowl only to be flushed out at the end.

One of my favorite things to do at water theme parks is to do their Lazy Rivers … and Island H2O has a nice one; but, my question to all Lazy River builders is this: why do you insist on adding cold water sprayers to his us relaxing floaters? Here I am, floating along in a comfort zone and slam-bam-splash I have to be hit by cold water — why do that to me? The whole time you have to be on the watch-out for those areas where the cold-water sprays (or pours) on you. I would like to challenge the next Lazy River builder to build it in such a way that you can go the whole distance actually relaxed.

And finally, one unique item that not every water theme park has — an adult-only pool area. It is a great place to get away from the kid-madness and have a drink (or two). Kudos to Island H2O for adding that dimension to their water park.

We’re quickly approaching July and that means 1/3 of the summer will be gone. Find your favorite waterhole and go for a splash. And if you’re in the greater Island H2O area, definitely give it a try.

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