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Kennedy Space Center is a Blast!

There are many tourist attractions in Florida to go to … some are “traps” and some are “highlights” … the Kennedy Space Center (KSC) is one of those places that has continued its trajectory from “less-than” to a pretty cool way to spend a day … especially in comparison to the costs of going somewhere else in Florida. 

If you’ve been to the KSC before … and it has been years since you have last been there, I think you should look to go again – much has changed … and changed for the good.  The KSC is only an hour’s drive from Orlando but do know you will be going through a few toll roads to get there. 

Check before you go, but, for me it cost $10 to park and $61 per adult for the day.  A couple bits of advice:  1) Know that it closes at 5pm and you can’t see/do everything in less than 5 hours; 2) As soon as you get into the Center, reserve the free bus tour to the Kennedy Space Tour Visitor Complex or it will fill up … this is something that you won’t want to miss; and 3) the food there is pretty good for the cost in comparison to other Florida attractions – so, go ahead and get their before lunch and plan to eat there. 

The KSC did a great job building Planet Play for the kids; but, don’t go there until you absolutely need a break – the kids won’t want to leave any time soon and before you know it, poof, an hour has gone by.

If there isn’t a line, go ahead and do the Shuttle Launch Experience where KSC sells it as a simulation experience similar to what the astronauts go through; however, I thought it was pretty weak and not worth any length of wait time. 

You’ll want to check out at least one of their IMAX shows – be careful not to get sucked into their popcorn sales … they aren’t “seasoned” theater concessionaires. 

If KSC took a little bit of the Disney/Universal mindset and applied it to their park, I suspect that it would become a main attraction.  Add a water theme park of some sort, and now you’re looking at 2-day passes in high demand; but, I think the KSC is content with being what they are – an educational and enlightening experience. 

I’ve gone twice now (with different people) and I still haven’t seen everything … I went ahead and bought the year pass to see it all.  Is the KSC for everyone?  Maybe not; but, I definitely think it is worth it to go for a day and get out of it what you put into it – just remember, it closes at 5pm! 

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