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May 15 – June 14 Workout –> Biking

For this month, I chose biking to try and ease back into working out some. Here are the benefits of biking per Healthline:


1. Cycling may help you lose weight

2. Cycling will help strengthen your legs

3. Cycling is good for beginners

4. Cycling may lower cholesterol

5. Cycling boosts mental health and brain power

If you find yourself feeling lethargic, listless, or like your brain is moving slowly, get on your bike for at least 10 minutes.

6. Cycling can help people with cancer

7. Cycling can offer a positive start to your morning

I chose sleeping versus biking in the morning; however, I still enjoyed my quick evening bike rides after work.

8. Cycling may help prevent and manage medical conditions

9. Cycling is environmentally friendly

10. Cycling improves balance, posture, and coordination

11. Cycling is a low impact option

12. Cycling may reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease

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