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May Time — A Freshly Start

Okay, so my first month went well but I know doubters out there will be saying — ya, but most of your weight loss in the first month is just water weight. Well, with as much as I sweat living in Florida, maybe that is true … time will tell.

But, Eating Less and not indulging in mindless eating seemed to work and so I will keep it. But, how do I go on to a new chapter? It is a new month and so it is time to try something new … something fresh!

According to Chef Costa’s Cooking Corner, there are more than 225 assisted diets that people can choose from … and he has an idea, “Just cut back a little on what you eat and exercise a little.” Sounds good to me!

In April, I was introduced to food from I tried a couple of meals and, well, you’ll have to wait until later in the month to get my full report. But, that is what I am setting out to do this month: I will be eating 3 dinners per week delivered from

Now, before you start to think that I am on’s payroll, let me tell you that isn’t the case. At the end of May, I will assess how things went and decide if it is a keeper or not … but, I will always be adding/trying something new each month.

I am still going to keep my Friday Night Pizza … at least for the time being. And, Saturday and Sunday need to be flexible in case I am spending time with family or friends. So, these meals will be a Monday – Thursday option. has three main kitchens where the cook up their food and deliver to your door. The cost is higher than what you would spend doing your own thing, but, you would have to be pretty darn good at coming up with menu items that provide an appropriate-portion-size dinner under 500 calories. But, will I remain hungry after eating them?

I will let you know how things go … if you try it, let me know what you think too …

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