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New Job New Weight

I’ve been working the same job for the last four years and, in many ways, it was fun. The reason for leaving? The main reason is I don’t like to be micro-managed and the City-Job I had provided me not one, but two micro-managers. When it is a Department policy that you need to get an email to five or more people reviewed and approved before sending it out, it is time to seek a new path. So, I moved into a teaching position where the word “autonomy” was used in enticing me to join the school … and I did. Plus, the idea of a little bit more time off is intriguing …

As I continue my Journey Journal, I have noticed that losing my final five pounds and keeping it off have been a challenge while also taking on the learning curve challenge of a new job — who knew how complicated they have made teaching these days!?! According to the USA Today, 41% of people who take on a new job gain weight … I don’t want to be a part of that statistic.

According to a CareerBuilder survey of 3,600 full-time workers, the most common causes of workplace weight gain were a sedentary all-day desk lifestyle, stress eating and food found at the office, including celebrations and treats provided by co-workers. I must admit, there seems to be “bad food” available at the school all of the time — it is so tempting.

What to do about all of this? A fresh new (job) start means a fresh new (activity) challenge. Bottomline, make good choices — who has ideas?

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