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Next Activity Up — Fore!

Okay, walking was okay (April 15 – May 14) … and I will incorporate walking with other future activies; but, it is time to move onto a new activity for the next month and I have chosen — golf! (May 15 – June 14)

Now, I do have an advantage in owning 4 acres that I have converted into my own version of a Par-3 … so, I can keep my costs down and “walk” the course getting the exercise I need to further my journey.

According to FitDay, there are 4 reasons why golfing is more exercise than what you think:

Reason #1: Walking. If I were King of Golf, I would change every golf course to 10 holes — 2 par-3’s, 2 par-4’s, and 1 par-5 of each side — 18 holes are just too much for me. But, if you play 18 holes, and walk them, you are more than likely getting a good workout. Add hills, with or without a golf cart, and you will are all set.

Reason #2: Strength Training. A loooooong stretch, golfing can increase your strength … again, walking those hills and working those legs.

Reason #3: Balance. Golfing is a lot about balance and that works your core muscle groups. My “core” needs a lot of work for sure!

Reason #4: Concentration. I am a horrible golfer and will be getting a lot of “tips” whether solicited or not. Focusing on those things that are going to improve my game this next month will “exercise” my mind.

I know I can’t go hardcore exercising just yet … or I could set myself up for injury with my weight. Taking walking and enhancing it with the game of golf could be fun … let’s see!

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