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Next Up — Bike it

If you need a good low-impact option for aerobic exercise, according to Healthline, biking is a great option to consider. Biking provides a work-out with less wear and tear on the body … and that is exactly what this writer needs right now and what I will be doing from June 15th to July 15th with a few other activities thrown in from time to time.

Bike It!

Healthline goes on to state that moderate cycling for 60 minutes only burns 300 calories … not a whole lot for an hour’s worth of one’s time. In order to get some real results, I will need to add some intensity to my bike riding and get a good sweat on. The main thing is this: if you are riding a bike to get a work out, don’t fool yourself to think you are helping you lose weight if you’re just going to go for joy rides — you got to put in the work.

Why am I doing a low-impact exercise for a month? Because I got something very painful — gout … and it is still with me and so I need to keep working out but not put a lot of stress on my feet. If you don’t know what gout is, check it out for yourself.

One way to get a high-impact exercise via biking would be via spinning. Now, I have done spinning before and essentially it is this: ride a stationary bike at the will of an instructor who’s goal is to make you beg to stop. Challenge yourself and try it.

Now, you’re never going to see me donning those tighty speedo bike shorts and outfits; but, I’m going to get out there and log some miles … come and join me!

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