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No Coke for me … you?

June is upon us and I have entered my 3rd Results About Me month … I anticipate it to be a tough one. I am finding myself being hungry more often and so if anyone has any ideas on how to stave off the cravings, please let me know.

So, how am I going to attack June and stay in the program without any strikes? I’ve decided it’s time … time to do what I have been scared to do – stop drinking soda.

Now, I’ve talked with a number of people and they suggested that I NOT go cold-turkey; rather, ease into it some. What should my plan be?

I REALLY like to drink soda. I am good for 40+ ounces in the morning just to wake up … followed by a large drink with lunch, and then I may or may not have some more at the end of the workday. Friday night pizza night goes well with soda and I can easily put away a 2-liter on any Saturday or Sunday whether I am reading the newspaper or working outside sweating on the farm. I know … this isn’t a good thing.

I researched and tried to find ANYTHING that might say research has found that soda has some nutritional value … but, I really couldn’t find anything substantial. It’s just one of those things that tastes really good to me but isn’t really good FOR me. I’ve got to stop, or at least significantly cut back, if I’m going to see any real June progress.

According to the New Health Advisor, “Figuring out exactly what is in Coca-Cola can be difficult, even with accurate nutritional facts.” The ingredients are part of a propriety formula so I don’t know exactly what I am consuming each and every day; but, more than likely, regardless of the type of soda I am drinking, it probably isn’t nutritional. The article goes on to tell the reader what Coco-Cola can do:

- Problems with additives   - Kidney Failure
- Bone Fractures            - Tooth Decay
- Osteoporosis              - Lower Sperm Count

So, what will I be doing to “reduce?” One can on workdays followed by one cup on the weekends … and add one more with pizza on Friday nights. After a few weeks, I will then work to cut it out completely.

What should I replace it with? Leave a reply if you have a suggestion … what do you think of celery juice?


  • Lydia says:

    Switch to coffee! Just be careful about the creamer (I use too much). Also, I switched from Diet Coke to regular coke and gained weight. I switched back to Diet Coke…cancer versus fat. Who knows? I’m curious if you’ve tried the make your own bubbles concoctions they sell at Target. I do enjoy the bubbles, so just going to coffee probably won’t be enough. Good luck! I know it’s a hard habit to break.

  • coach says:

    Coffee is a thought for the future … I know I have to get rid of consuming something that isn’t good for me to consume … it’s on my todo list.