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Paddleboarding or Paddle Boarding?

Paddleboarding … my next fitness adventure. 

Can I lose weight with paddleboarding?  Time will tell; however, according to We Love Watersports, one can expect to lose 500 – 600 calories per hour while paddleboarding.

I gave paddleboarding an initial try and the balancing was the first challenge.  I didn’t fall in the water but it did take some time to get used to standing up on a floating board and paddle against the current.  I begged the dolphins not to get too close. 

Paddle boarding is a great full-body workout because it targets major groups such as calves, hamstrings and abdominal muscles.  But what about weight loss? 

Urban Adventure states, “To burn a lot of calories and lose weight in paddle boarding, you need to learn and master the correct paddling technique and maintain your balance well. Once you do, you can now burn a ton of calories, build strength, and lose weight!”

Key factors with paddleboarding and losing weight include:

  • Overall fitness level
  • Water conditions
  • Paddling technique
  • Work-out intensity
  • Body weight and fat percentage
  • Age and metabolism

So, we’ll give things a try and contemplate, is it paddleboarding or paddle boarding?

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