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Pickleball Fitness

As I continue into Pickleball Month Two, I have played (or tried to play) a number of times. I have gotten to the courts early enough to see a trend that is difficult for this former collegiate soccer coach to see — the lack of warming up.

Interestingly, it’s as if the pickleball player thinks it is uncool to get a proper warm-up … and I have been guilty by association. Players arrive, dink, and then say “let’s play.” This month, I am going to focus on warming up before playing while also adding some pickleball fitness to my play time.

In doing a fair amount of research, I’ve come across one link by Pink Pickleball that is a great start for anyone that might like to incorporate warm-up and fitness to their pickleball game: 6 Types Of Pickleball Exercises Every Player Should Do – Pink Pickleball — check it out!

Most athletes in most sports go through a warm-up before playing. Somewhere along the way, as we get older, it seems that the warm-up time goes down as the age goes up; yet, one might argue that the older we get the longer our warm-up should be — thoughts?

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