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Quail Creek Sporting Ranch

Finding yourself in an activity-rut? You’re active but it all starts seeming more of the same? Well, look no further and go find yourself some shooting sporting course like I did at the Quail Creek Sporting Ranch in Okeechobee, Florida.

The location is somewhat out-there. In fact, your GPS might tell you that you have reached your destination and then you find yourself on a single-lane road with nothing in sight; but, go a little bit further and you will soon find a nice welcoming entrance to a fun afternoon.

The Quail Creek Sporting Ranch provides beginners (and experts) the opportunity to rent a shot-gun, purchase some shells, check out a golf cart, and hit a clay-shooting course of 14+ holes (?) where you get to say something like, “Pull A” … “Pull B” … “Pull Both.” Before you know it, you’re hitting clay targets that are sent out electronically into the air — it is a fun time. Honestly, I don’t know how I missed the moving targets at times; but, I did. I did the “Beginners” course … when I go again, I will try the tougher course.

The cost for the day isn’t cheap. For three of us, it cost $340+ for a few hours of shooting (no time restraints) — but, again, it was something different and it was just plain fun. So, when you find yourself looking for something unusual to do, find your Quail Creek Sporting Club (equivalent) in your area and become a Dead Eye!

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