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The Daniel’s Fast went well from a weight loss perspective; however, when I got off of it, I found myself hungry more than I have in a long time and not easily satisfied.  If I do it again, I will probably just do the fast for 7 days. 

What’s next?  I’ve decided to try and start my day with a light breakfast … something I usually skip. 

Healthy cereal breakfast with red fruits.

You hear about it all of the time – how important eating breakfast is … but, does eating breakfast help with losing weight?  It would appear research on the topic has not only be inconclusive, but, research studies convened have been controversial — do your own research and see what you find out.

For example, many historic studies were funded by breakfast companies who would gain the most by finding the benefits of eating a breakfast … or pretending that it does. 

Healthwise, I believe there are potential health benefits in eating a breakfast … but, can it help you lose weight by doing so?  Especially if you don’t normally eat breakfast?  I will find out. 

According to Healthline, it’s not really about whether you eat or don’t eat breakfast; rather, it is about what you eat throughout the day to include what you eat for breakfast.  “Breakfasts rich in fiber, protein, and healthy fats can help people feel full longer compared to meals high in refined carbohydrates.” 

So, let’s wake up together to a light and proper breakfast (rich in fiber or protein) and see how we do this month – are you with me? 

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