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Strike 1 — But, we have our first Champion!

What’s that saying? So close but yet so far. I was within 5 pounds of making my goal of 100 pounds lost but, it then hit me — I needed to reward myself. The first reward was at a birthday party … then a Mother’s Day Buffett … then an Anniversary … with a lot of no-discipline in between and then I sort of gave up at the end of the month–I was tired of the struggle. So, strike one for me. I can do better … I will do better.

But, with that said, we have our first Results About Me Champion. Dawn from Apopka, Florida, reached her goal of losing 25 pounds and then keeping it off for 25 days … she made it and for that she is a champion … a Quarter RAM Champion that we can all be proud of–let’s find out about Dawn:

1.  What motivated you to join the Results About Me program?

It was time. Time to do something for my health and well-being. I really needed to commit. It’s not easy to lose weight, and this was the perfect opportunity to join this support system.

2.  What were your Top-3 challenges in losing 25 pounds?

  • Eliminating mindless eating. Making myself aware of just how much I ate for no reason was enlightening. Saying “no” can still be a challenge for me.  
  • Making the time to increase my exercise. I always felt like I was busy but realized that I spend a good amount of time watching tv. I knew that reducing the amount I was eating would not be enough and I would have to increase my exercise. I began walking a mile every day. I tried very hard not to skip too many days and remain consistent as possible. 
  • Keeping my momentum. It was sometimes discouraging when I felt as though I was putting in the effort but not seeing the results. There were months when I did not reach my goal and it was really difficult to keep my focus and spirit to continue. 

3.  What have you enjoyed the most from losing the 25 pounds?

Now that I’ve lost 25 pounds, I feel better about myself. I honestly didn’t know if I could do it, but success is sweet! I like how my clothes fit better. I like that I look thinner in photos. I like that I finally made the effort to better my health. I like working towards a goal and having a sense of accomplishment. 

Dawn is one of my motivations to embrace June and get back on track — way to go Dawn!

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