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Watch Your Weight

I’ve significantly cut back on my soda drinking and have tried to drink more water. I must admit though, it is boring and I will have to re-look at my drinking regimen down the road. But, this month’s (July’s) nutrition plan is to take an old plan (using the Freshly foods) and combine it with the Weight Watchers Zero Point food items — let me explain.

Freshly meals are pretty good; but, the costs can add up and so I only eat them a few times a week — so, what do I do with the other days of the week?

I think we all have heard of Weight Watchers (WW) and we even had a RAM Fan provide a positive testimony about Weight Watchers … so, I wanted to learn more.

Weight Watchers has been around for over 50 years and has changed over the years based on what they have learned.. Essentially, they have gone from a diet program to a change-your-life program. “Healthy is an outfit that looks good on every body!”

I came across an awesome and thorough WW article by Rachel Moskowitz in the USA Today. Here is the link: … check it out!

So, why am I not going all in WW? First, the cost = $20 to $55 per month … not my thing. In addition, WW’s has points, smart points, weekly point banks, wellness wins, zero-points, fit points … etc etc … I’m not a calorie counter … not my thing part 2; I’ve become a conscious calorie intaker … but, I’m not going to be good at keeping track of things on a daily basis — not my thing strike 3.

With that said, however, I think there is something to be said in going a few weeks with eating from WW’s zero point chart and see where that takes me. Zero points and zero dollars that’s part of this month’s plan of attack.

Here is what WW says are zero points (still eating in moderation):

Obviously, WW has been around for quite some time because it has seen success. Our own RAM Fan who has used the WW program stated that WW is good about helping people lose weight … but not necessarily in helping people keep their weight off. I think WW is transitioning more and more away from a diet program to a life transformation program … it may be right for you. Bring on the zero-point foods!

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