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Way of the Sub

Forcing myself to eat an early breakfast wasn’t a good thing for me – I found myself hungry sooner than normal and I had to let this plan go before the end of the month and focus on getting my weight down through other methods.

This month’s nutrition move is to take my work lunchtime and mimic the Subway Diet.  Now, I know that the guy who created the Subway Diet and later became a Subway spokesperson ended up not being a good person; but, he did lose over 200 pounds and so I’m going to give things a try with a twist. 

In particular, I have 4 sub places that exist within walking distance from where I work … and they are all at the same intersection.  I have Jimmy Johns, Jersey Mikes, Subway, and Publix all within a quick lunch walk and go.  I will look to get the same type of sub from each place during the rest of the month, grade them, and let you know how they fared at the end of the month from a taste and cost perspective. 

Which place is your favorite for a sub? Come join me and let’s eat fresh … thoughts? 


  • Katelyn Bienias says:

    This will be an interesting comparison! I love subs and will meet you for lunch. I wonder how five days of bread will affect your diet.

  • coach says:

    Remember Katelyn, ResultsAboutMe isn’t a “diet;” rather, it is a lifestyle change that consists of many different attributes. I don’t think it would be sustainable for me to give up breads like I see so many diets have you do. For me, the lifestyle change is to incorporate new/different things from a nutrition and activity-base perspective. The Way of the Sub Competition, if you will, is just a fun way of changing up my lunch time habits. I’ve come a long way from almost-daily fast-food drive thru’s (remember when I use to order everything with the term “go large?”) to walking a mile or so to grab a 6-inch sub. It’ll be interesting to see how the chain places stack up.