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Weight It Up

Vacation time is over and it is time to get back into working out – but, doing what?  With my weight loss I’ve also seen muscle loss – I don’t like seeing my arm sleeves looks so loose … I’m losing muscle. 

So, starting this month I will add weight-lifting to my journey.  Why so?  Well, other than my appearance, research by shows that weight-lifting can help you lose weight.  How?

1.  Weight Training Increases Short-Term Calorie Burn.  Studies have demonstrated that after a weight-training workout, metabolism can be boosted for up to 38 hours post-workout.

2.  Weight Training Increases Long-Term Calorie Burn.  What weight training will enable you to do is build up a larger degree of lean muscle mass, which then basically serves as a calorie-burning powerhouse in the body.

Since it is known that you have to burn 3,500 calories to lose just one pound, I have a lot of calories to burn and losing the poundage as of late has gotten harder and harder. According to CNet Wellness, weight lifting can actually help you lose weight and slim down. Beyond the purely physical, lifting weights can improve your bone health and increase your metabolism, just to name a couple of benefits.

I’m not going to take cardio out of the equation, but, there seems to be some undeniable valid reasons to incorporate weight-lifting into my routine.  To ensure the validity of my weight-lifting choices, I will seek out a Men’s Health routine to go by and to keep it each month.  Weight-lifting combined with past ResultsAboutMe workouts will be the order of the day.  

Do you have a weight-lifting regime? 

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