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Let’s Clack and Yak about Kayaking

It’s finally hot enough outside where that cold water just might be refreshing … it’s time to stop pounding the pavement or the hiking trail and paddle my weight around.

So, what makes kayaking a great way to try and lose weight? According to Fantastic Kayaks, here are some reasons:

  1. Kayaking is not intense. When pounding the pavement, my knees feel all the weight and it just hurts. Kayaking can still require a lot of effort, but it’s just more overall gentle on the body.
  2. Kayaking can be fun … each time going out can bring new sights and sounds.
  3. Kayaking is a proven calorie burner.
  4. There are more … what can it do for you?

Research states that the difference in calories burned between walking and kayaking is about double. New and different … let’s paddle forward!

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